C-4 Analytics; A look inside digital marketing

8 Ball die refuses to die
8 Ball die refuses to die

C-4 Analytics conducted a memorable presentation at Digital Dealer 20 in Orlando recently. Justin Cook, co-founder of C-4 challenged dealers to not get lost in convoluted and confusing reporting. “Too often vendor reporting is designed to distract dealers from what’s important” says Cook. “I encourage dealers to hold their vendors more accountable.”

I applaud C-4’s commitment to providing innovative strategies and technology to help dealers reduce costs and improve their profitability with digital marketing.

My daughter has another idea about C-4; she disassembled their clever, Magic 8 Ball-style convention give away. “I wanted the dice inside” she says! Oh well, I guess we all want to deconstruct digital marketing into easy-to-understand bits and pieces! When I saw the dripping, blue die, it reminded me of an advanced Borg ship. – Flo

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