Have you seen our Hello Kitty?

Nick Fischer and Nick Jr.
Nick Fischer and Nick Jr.

“Reward if Found” say all the posters throughout Amarillo as the ‘manhunt’ for Hello Kitty intensifies.

Hello Kitty has been the unofficial mascot of the Street Volkswagen’s Business Development Center.  “I brough in ‘HK’ as a morale booster” says BDC representative, Sarah Bond.  “Now, everyone’s morale is down because we can’t find our poor, little Kitty.”

“At this moment, Nick Fischer remains a person of interest” says investigator, Enrique Ledesma III. “We’ve been trying to interrogate him, however, it’s hard to take someone seriously with that silly, maniacal smirk!”

Check out Nick’s mug shot here: https://goo.gl/sl5Ffz

Flo Lopez

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