“Put down that chocolate or I’ll punch you in the gut!”

Karina Acevedo
Karina Acevedo

The first rule of Nick’s Fight Club is “You don’t talk about Nick’s Fight Club!”

Put that Halloween candy down!  “Our Street Auto Group employees have teamed up with a local gym here in Amarillo” says semi-pro UFC Fighter, Karina Acevedo.  “Cooperating with a gym in your area is a great way to get your employees engaged and in shape!  Of course you might use my approach, which is to say, ‘If you don’t join, I’ll kick your butt!'”

Here in Amarillo, Nick’s Fight Club combines a great aerobic workout that will build your stamina and have you looking lean and mean for the New Year.  For more information, call the Club at (806) 322-1574.

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